Logistics and production hub
Nogarole Rocca, the flagship of our distribution network

Our logistics and production site in Nogarole Rocca (Verona) was created to provide optimum continuity to the supply chain and ensure a prompt service to the end customer. Strategically positioned in relation to production sites in northern Europe and connected to more than 40 leading food industry production sites within a 100 km radius, it boasts a location and organisation that reduces the gap between production plants and end users.

Instead of a traditional piling system, an innovative drive-in storage system with a capacity of more than 10,000 tonnes was introduced at Nogarole Rocca, which, together with the latest-generation rebulking system, ensures 100% sustainable, tracked and transparent logistics management.

Operator safety

Compared to traditional big bag storage, which is notoriously less efficient, the drive-in warehouse optimises the handling of large volumes of goods with limited space requirements, improving the use of available space and simplifying loading and unloading operations. It allows direct access to loads without having to manoeuvre within the warehouse, providing greater operator safety.

Optimum stock rotation

The drive-in warehouse facilitates First In, First Out (FIFO) management, offering greater control and more efficient management of storage space. This system also allows the increased rotation of goods within the warehouse, ensuring proper FIFO management with all the benefits in terms of traceability, quality and freshness of the goods.

automated warehouse video
Raw cane sugar processing plant

At the Nogarole Rocca logistics centre, there is a plant to process raw cane sugar imported from third countries with different processes, from conditioning to sieving to packaging in paper bags and/or big bags in different formats.
This process ensures that the end user receives a free-flowing, dust-free product in the desired grain size, and of course in packaging that conforms to European standards.