Our commitment to a more sustainable sugar industry

Achard International is committed to offering healthy, safe and sustainable products in Europe in cooperation with the white beet sugar manufacturer Cosun Beet Company, European leader in sustainable circular economy development, and working with certified raw cane sugar manufacturers and partners worldwide. 
During production, the focus is on the promotion of biodiversity, responsible soil and water management, energy efficiency, the reduction of emissions and the reuse of waste throughout the supply chain.
Our commitment to greener sugar distribution extends to distribution to the end customer, helping to make the sugar supply chain more sustainable.


Together for greener logistics

Close collaboration between manufacturers and Achard International is essential to achieve the shared goal of sustainable logistics. Most of the wholesale deliveries from Cosun Beet Company to the Italian logistics hubs are made by intermodal rail transport. Together, we are committed to reducing the carbon footprint of transporting beet to sugar factories and end products from sugar factories to production and storage sites, using intermodal transport and sustainable fuels such as compressed natural gas (CNG) wherever possible, as well as logistics platforms (see Nogarole Rocca) located close to railway terminals and end-user facilities.

Energy efficiency and emission reductions

Cosun Beet Company’s beet processing plants in the Netherlands are among the most energy efficient in Europe. The producer achieved its target of reducing energy consumption per tonne of sugar by 50% compared to 1990 by 2020. In our Italian plants, thanks to increasingly efficient process management, we have also been able to reduce consumption and emissions during storage.

Bio-based products and the circular economy

Achard International is proud to partner with the leading producer of green gas in the Netherlands. By increasing the availability of renewable energy through green gas, a by-product of sugar production, Cosun Beet Company contributes to the circular economy by reducing waste. The aim of the producer’s sustainable approach is to strengthen agricultural practices, promote nature, water and soil conservation, and focuses on the production of plant-based solutions, including food, animal feed, beet leaf protein and green energy. 

Social responsibility

We share a sustainable approach with Cosun Beet Company that focuses on people’s living environment in all its aspects: environmental, social and economic. Our shared goals are safety, well-being, occupational health and respect for the environment. Finally, we promote responsible consumption of sugar and its derivatives, encouraging a balanced diet and an active lifestyle.

White sugar is a 100% natural product
How is it produced?
From field to factory

The beets are harvested and transported by truck to the Cosun Beet Company plant, where they are processed.

Beet washing

Water and soil residues are returned to the soil, where they replenish the soil and raise its level.

Juice extraction

The beets are cut into smaller pieces and the juice extracted, while the pulp is reused as animal feed.

Purification and evaporation

Mineral salts and proteins are extracted from the raw juice and used for agricultural purposes. The sugar content increases from about 15% to 70% through the evaporation of water, thickening the juice.

Boiling and centrifugation

The beet juice is further concentrated into a dense crystalline mixture that is centrifuged to separate the sugar crystals and syrup.

Drying and storage

After being dried and cooled, the sugar is stored in silos and then transported by rail container (intermodal transport) to Achard International’s Italian logistics hubs.

Transport and storage in Italy

Bulk and/or packaged sugar arrives at the various logistics hubs in Italy and is delivered to end users.